The Fortress & The Frontier

All of our congregations are fortresses of safety in a post-Christian frontier. Each congregation is an outpost, carefully positioned as a haven, providing the protection of God’s Word and the sustenance of His Holy Sacraments.

Each congregation is a fortress, an outpost from which God’s people are sent forth with Christ’s commission of Kingdom expansion and Gospel proclamation into a wilderness culture of immorality and unbelief.

Each congregational fortress in The AALC is precious. Some of our congregations are very small and some are located in remote areas, yet each one is connected to Christ Jesus and to the rest of our Association. We stand together, committed to the care and support of our brothers and sisters.

We focus on Keeping the Fortress, but we also focus on Taking the Frontier!

“Taking the Frontier” includes everything from congregational outreach to church-wide overseas missions. The gift of the Gospel of Jesus Christ must never be hoarded as our own personal possession, but instead, be shared with a world lost in spiritual poverty and eternal darkness. God is ever expanding The AALC by motivating ministers and multiplying ministries.

With this said, however, we know that our efforts of protection and expansion are fruitless without Him "who makes all things new." Though He uses clay vessels like us, it is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who is Keeping the Fortress and Taking the Frontier. Hallelujah! Amen.

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